Toulouse Tiny House Log Cabin

Luxurious living and a new level of comfort has just gotten more accessible with the Toulouse Pavilion. It is a prefabricated log pavilion with prefabricated floors and walls. The logs which are from Northern European sustainable forests have been meticulously selected to ensure superior quality.

These prefabricated buildings, such as the Toulouse Pavilion, offer a nice and comfortable place to relax, unwind and just enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Prefabricated buildings are likewise excellent places to hold special gatherings, reunions and parties. It is much like entertaining guests in style. Moreover, with its optimum stability and durable nature, this pavilion can last for a long time thus ensuring great value and benefits as well.

These prefabricated pavilions are untreated when you order them; However, buyers have the option to order and request a range of finishes between lightly colored glaze and solid colors. It is likewise recommended that buyers add felt shingles on the roof of the pavilion to protect it from the elements. Various options are also available depending on specific preferences. Another suggested feature is to add guttering and downpipe that can collect rainwater which can then be used to water plants.

There are many other ways to customize the pavilion. With proper selection of features and other add-ons, it can become even more durable, sturdy and stylish. More importantly, it can become more functional and eco-friendly. Indeed, pavilions such as the Toulouse Pavilion offer an exciting way to appreciate having a garden environment. With its luxurious look and classy feel, it can surely give a wonderful and lasting impression.

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Prefab Home Cabin Adds a Home Extension … On the Water

Prefab home enthusiasts include those people who already have a house, but want to expand, and they’re looking at either an addition to their home or possibly a guest house or second house on the property. Whether this is for family and friends to visit or is intended to be a rental, one thing about building another building on your property is that you’re losing your yard.

So what these guys did is build a prefab house onto the water near their house instead of either one of the options I mentioned.

Of course, you need a lake or river or sheltered piece of the ocean.

The work on this one was done by prefab home builder Kenjo in Sweden, near Musko.

This prefab house is actually more of a prefab room, or if you want to look at it as a houseboat, its more of a roomboat.

But it does use a lot of the ecological and economic features shared by a lot of prefab home and modular house builders, as well as tiny home companies: things like energy efficient windows, photovoltaic system, LED lighting. It also has some extras like a stereo system.

For more prefabs, search through our directory.

Modern Prefab – Modbarn

In our pursuit of prefab and modular houses, tiny houses, and other options that might enable every person reading us to get themselves into a house, we came across this slightly bigger prefab house. Yes, it’s still a prefabricated building, but it’s no tiny house. It’s 2,575 square feet. It’s an interesting design though, and that’s the main reason we’re including it here.

Who doesn’t want a larger house with several rooms (this particular prefab house has 3 bedrooms)? Well, actually not everyone, it seems, as there are people looking to simplify, reduce and be economical in more ways than one. This house might not be the most cost economical house. But even if you’re someone not looking to spend that kind of money, it’s an interesting design, and maybe one that you can employ in what you do end up picking after you’ve looked at enough prefab and modular houses. This one’s base price is $435,000.

It’s got 2.5 bathrooms in addition to its 3 bedrooms, spread over 2 levels. It also has that large glass wall looking out onto the patio.

It’s called the Prefab ModBarn, and it’s by Jet Prefab. It’s a simple, single-isle, barn-style prefab home. It has a large gabled roof with equal sides. And it gets a lot of natural light due to that large glazed wall.

The master bedroom and two other bedrooms are located in the back, so they’re not as brightly lit as the living area. The second floor is mostly a loft with a living area that can be used for various purposes, like an office, play area, library, craft area, or whatever else.

This prefab has EPDM membrane roofing, which is wood and SIP framed, and uses OSB and SIPs sheathing. The insulation is SIPs cellulose throughout (walls and ceilings).

The finish for the siding is fiber cement and cedar T and G, and those windows you see in the photo are dual-pane Argon filled low-E windows.

The walls are gypsum drywall and this prefab house unit has hardwood floors. To see more of Jet Prefab’s work, and to see other modular and prefabricated buildings, find them in the Building Homes and Living directory.

Prefab Homes Signature Series

Prefab Homes Signature Series

Here’s a designer prefab home design from a North American company that mixes Scandinavian style, factory build speed, and local building and delivery.

The company is called Karoleena, and they’ve been building a reputation for their prefab houses and modular cottages in Western Canada.

Their prefab design concept is based around three things: modern Scandinavian styling and premium finishes throughout the prefab building. They include top-quality craftsmanship in their builds, according to the Penticton company.

Next, they build the modular home in their indoor factory. They provide a 6 month time frame for building the prefab, then they can deliver and set it up in days — actually, I saw a headline once about this company, and they set it up in hours.

The benefit of the factory construction, as most prefab home shoppers know, is efficiency. No travelling to and from the site, minimized construction material and time waste, all tools at the factory, no delays due to weather like snow, rain, and sleet.

The company is out of Penticton, British Columbia, and they build there and deliver locally or anywhere else. They work on prefabs for city lots, remote locations, or wherever else someone wants to put on.

They have a number of prefab designs ready to choose from, the image above being just one of the options. To see more from Karoleena, find them in our prefab home and modular builders directory (click here).

This Stylish Prefab House!

A number of minimalist prefab house and cabin designers have been popping up. The house design in many of them has tended toward the most basic elements of a house: shelter based on a peaked roof and a rectangular structure.

Most of these prefabricated homes have two rooms plus a bathroom, although some have a loft or two instead. Another thing that is becoming common, it seems, is the simple grey or muted color exterior, often resembling or partially composed of concrete. Because the slabs that make up the exterior wall have their own wear patterns, it adds some character and provides some sense of natural-ness to the prefab house. Interiors are often finished with white paint.

One such company is Abaton, who designed and is building the prefab home pictured above. They have various sizes, which means various prices and various levels of accommodation. For example, they have one which is 145 square feet — just a room and a bathroom, which sells for around $24,000.

Don’t confuse this photo with that price though. While the 24K figure has been attached to this structure’s photos elsewhere, what is pictured here is the larger (about double the size of the 24K 290 square foot prefabricated house) unit, which is 27 meters square (290 square feet), and the cost for it is around $42 K.

On top of that you have to figure moving costs (based on distance, frequently — Abaton is in Europe, but I’ve seen US prefab companies that offer similar designs), crane rental (hourly, usually), interior fixtures and appliances and hookups. However, this prefab house design plan has caught some attention, so it might be worth looking at and considering when matching up against other prefab house designs before making any final decisions. For more of Abaton’s and other prefab work, find them in the Building Homes and Living directory.


Build A Cabin In A Weekend For Under $5,000

What do you think of arched cabin? They have a kind of outdoorsy feel, don’t they, even compared with prefab buildings. These things remind me of ski lodges and summer cabins by the ocean. Take a look at the photo — don’t you agree?

Because they’re made of metal — metal buildings are another thing we’ve been looking at lately on here — you don’t have as much of a worry with fires, or rot for that matter. You can build these on the ground on a concrete foundation or pier and beam, or you can build them on a basement or even up elevated above the ground many feet, against a tree like a treehouse or freestanding.

The company that we found building these arched cabins is called just that: “Arched Cabins.” They’re based out of Cypress, Texas, and that’s important, because their delivery fees are based on the miles from area code 77429. Between two and two and a half dollars per mile one way depending on the size of the arched cabin being shipped.

There’s a price chart for the costs involved, and assembly is estimated at around 4 days for a 24 by 40 foot cabin. If you need their skilled workers to assemble it for you, that’s another 4 days of labor at a grand per day. So unless you’re going to build one that big, if you had a crew you could probably get it up between Friday and Monday morning, or if not, maybe a long weekend. Anyway, not a huge long job like it would be to build something like this from timber from scratch.

Anyway, an interesting idea that’s working for some people, so worth comparing to the other options we’ve talked about on here for inexpensive housing, like prefab houses, modular houses, and tiny houses. For more from Arched Cabins, find them in the Building Homes and Living directory.

Scandinavian-inspired Prefab Home

Home living has changed gradually and eventually many families will end up having their own beautiful prefab home — prefab houses have come a long way in design and price, and they’re now suited to what more people are looking for in a first house, downsized house, or second house or cabin. Prefab houses are specialized dwellings that are constructed off-site and they are easily moved between locations and re-assembled. Many contemporary prefab home projects are now designed by serious architects and prefab designers/builders, driven by creative thinking design.

These Danish ONV contemporary prefabricated houses provide modest Scandinavian elegance with highlights on purposefulness, well-lit and extraordinary quality materials. They are intricately designed by ONV Arkitekter for Method Homes. These lovely architect-designed modular dwellings feature a discreet box-like form with tidy lines, peripheral layer, good-sized windows, and a gorgeous shielded veranda connecting between the house and the beautiful garden.

Its big windows allow sufficient natural light all over the house. Detachable panel shutters enhance the exquisiteness of the central façade. The shutters also provide shade to the veranda and some solitude to the whole abode.

At the central area of this modular prefab house, you can find the kitchen and dining area and the living room gives you the access to the veranda and bedrooms. The layout and size of the house are flexible; it ranges from 86 to 175 square meters. Home owners have the option to expand their home by having additional components which are useful for other family needs. Adding an extra component will be useful in the future as expansion becomes inevitable.

This nice Scandinavian-inspired prefab home is undeniably a good choice to consider. And since it is primed for modification and you can discuss the points and ideas that you have in mind before you settle on this particular project, you are assured of customer satisfaction. To see more of Method’s and ONV Arkitecter’s work, find them in the Building Homes and Living directory.

Scandinavian-inspired Prefab Home

Tiny House on Wheels – Surprisingly Light and Airy Interior!

This tiny house on wheels has the distinction of being the “first legal tiny house in the Netherlands.” The owner actually not only lives in the tiny house, but also drives it around the country giving talks about living in a tiny home.

Tiny house living is also the subject of the owner’s website, Marjolein Jonker (Dutch language site), which talks about her life with her two cats in her tiny house.

The thing that you might notice about this tiny house though — looking at that picture above, it looks quite small, and like it might even be dark inside.

But actually, the light wood tones and white finish, as well as the interior layout, make this small house quite airy and light inside. There are actually a lot of windows to let in sunlight.

It was designed by Buro Walden, a Dutch designer, and built by

To see more of the Dutch builder’s work, find them in the Building Homes and Living directory.

What do you think of this small house design?

What do you think of this small, but not tiny house, which stands out for the siding that carries all the way up the roof, as well as the simple overall structure complimented by the patterned exterior texture.

The structure includes Syberisch Larch rafters as a basic element. Furthermore, this small house is completely built of timber. External walls and roof are clad with western red cedar parts which will turn gray over time and thus will blend in even more with the surrounding beach grass. There are also large glass sections in the roof, which go over the wooden parts in movable blades, and which in the closed position seem to disappear in the lining of the roof. These design features for this small house are probably the ones that stand out the most upon first impression of the exterior. And these are all things that can also be added to a prefab house or modular house design — which is something we’ve been focusing on a lot lately, due to the inexpensive nature of prefab buildings.

At the level of the basement there are three bedrooms, a storage room, bathroom and a toilet. This floor can optionally be used separately from the parent spaces. On the ground floor is the living and sleeping area with surrounding terraces for morning and evening sun.

This small house is situated on the North Sea island of Terschelling, in the village of West aan Zee, Achterbosch Zantman has architects, hidden in the dunes, realized a recreation overlooking the North Sea. The basement is half hidden in the dunes, making the volume lost in the rolling countryside. The gable roof with its various levels of overhand — the way it seemingly curves on one side over the glazing and extends to the ground on the other side are also interesting design features.

The interior is light and spacious as the entire height of the living room has been kept open. The interior atmosphere is determined by the large glass surfaces and the variety of natural untreated wood and clean white walls and ceilings. Natural incidence of light can be manipulated by the opening or closing of the slats. The slats keep annoying sunlight. The large glass surfaces are diagonally glued under the overhangs and ensure an optimal experience of the surrounding dune landscape, the sky and the sea. An attic offers space for quiet reading spot and bookcase, and a crow’s nest overlooking the North Sea. To see more of AchterboschZantman’s work, find them in the Building Homes and Living directory.

Prefab Modular House Design

Prefab Modular House Design

An interesting prefab design house design layout and an interesting location. It’s a prefab home designed by Room 11 and it’s situated on the island of Tasmania, which is south of the southeastern corner of Australia.

The prefab house design is influenced by the typology of the land around it. It’s set on a farm, and the angles and glass cut by strips of black metal keep the eye attentive.

Visitors enter through a covered doorway through the backyard and just after they experience the breadth of the main space with large windows and breathtaking view.

Photos by Ben Hosking. To see more work by the prefab house design team Room 11, find them in the Building Homes and Living directory.