One of the Nicest Shipping Container Houses that You Can Build with Just One $2000 Container

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Tiny Home with Rooftop Deck

Many believe that some things look different up high and having a roof deck on your tiny home is a fabulous idea. Having a roof deck allows you have myriad of exciting activities like an open-air bar on Friday nights with close friends. You can also use it as a space for quiet afternoons. Unwind up there and breathe some fresh air. What’s more fantastic than to have your own relaxing spot right in your abode? As you gaze up the sky, you can enjoy reflective moments. During starry nights, you can revel in the romantic ambiance with your partner. And because it is tiny, you have more intimate exchanges.

The couple, Luke and Tina, have this 204 square feet solar-powered tiny home on wheels that is indeed magnificent because of its rooftop deck. Inside this house, there is a nice living space to entertain visitors or simply an area for the family to meet. A functional kitchen and a bathroom plus two lofts make up this tiny house. There is enough storage for every family member’s stuff which makes the house clean and tidy. The house also features live edge redwood wedges and 12″ redwood panels all throughout the house.

Moreover, this off-grid tiny house has a rainwater collection system and a composting lavatory. It is an awesome abode that is perfect for environment-conscious individuals.

Having this type of tiny house is living simply and purposefully. To see more of Backcountry Tiny Homes’ work, find them in the Building Homes and Living directory.

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